Tuesday, May 15, 2007


CBA General Meeting May 15, 2007 Home of Anna Marie Bruen

Attendees: Bev Hanna, Sandy Kurker, Anna Marie Bruen, Lisa Weedman, Linda Reinking, Chris Kupke, Sue McClure, Ione DeBolt, Ann Frick, Kathleen McGrath, Andra Sudler, Shirley Lewis, Elaine Grant, Anne McDaniel, Rosie Houff

President Lisa Weedman called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. following a pitch-in dinner.

Minutes: A motion was made by Shirley Lewis to pass the minutes as e-mailed and mailed to the members. Linda Reinking seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Kathleen McGrath stated that there was $12,922.72 in the checking account on April 30, 2007. A check for the Angel Fund in the amount of $12,200 was given to the Bureau at last month’s meeting. There is $6,508.55 in the savings account. There is $39,000 in the Rosie Lanham Something Special account. There is also money in the PayPal account. She requested that everyone send in their expenses to either her or Pam West soon so that we can get the books closed.

Pink Slips: The following pink slips were presented for payment. $150.00 for payment of grad pictures, IUPUI fees $1000 for summer activities at Garrard House (budgeted item) $400.00 for the Garrard House flowers and back yard items (budgeted item) Andra Sudler made a motion that the pink slips be paid; it was seconded by Sue McClure and passed.

Fashion Show: Andra Sudler gave a brief report and thanked everyone for all their help in setting up and the day of. The final numbers are not in yet. There will be a wrap-up meeting of the committee when Vicki Snider returns from her trip. Watch for announcement of the date.

Nominating Committee: Andra Sudler for Mary Ann Pahud presented the nominating committee for next year for vote. Chairman: Sue McClure Nancy Ulmer, 2nd year Jane Quinn, 3rd year Sue Roper, 5th year Andra Sudler, associate Lisa Weedman, past president Alternates, Carol Herman and Shirley Lewis

A vote was taken; the slate passed.

Group Home Outing: Ann Frick announced that the group home outing would take place on June 24, 2007 from 12 noon to 1:30 P.M. All group homes except for Terre Haute will be able to come. They will convene at Ft. Benjamin Harrison YMCA. There will be games, swimming, and a caricature artist. She asked Evans house committee if they would be able to bring items for the races.

Reviewing Committee: Ann Frick presented the items for change to the by-laws. The changes had been e-mailed and mailed to all members for reviewing prior to the meeting. All changes passed.

Hours: Please get your hours to Michelle Mallon as soon as possible.

Recycling: The address for recycling cell phones and ink cartridges has changed. The new bags are available for those who want them from Lisa Weedman or from Ann Frick.

75th Anniversary: Kathleen stated that 27 past presidents responded to the letter sent out for the April luncheon. Of those, 23 past presidents were able to attend. The power point presentations at the meetings have gone well. The Sept. 7th dinner will be in conjunction with the Bureau, and the costs will be shared. Cocktails will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the dinner will follow. The approximate cost will be $45.00 each. It will be at the Indiana History Center and Hoaglin To Go will cater the meal.

Committee Reports: Bureau Assistance Client: Shirley Lewis stated that the committee is small, but they have had a good year. Courage Center: There was one birthday recently; Jane Quinn and Andra Sudler will continue with activities through the summer. Evans House: Elaine Grant stated that they played laser tag. This month they are going horseback riding at Ft. Ben State Park. Garrard House: Ione DeBolt reported that 10 girls went to the IMA on Thursday. They went to the water exhibit, had a picnic on the grounds and went to the greenhouse. They also prepared a get well card for Marie Miller. THYIC: Nothing to report Meeting Logistics: Chris Kupke thanked Anna Marie for hostessing the meeting. Reflector: Please send in your articles for the Reflector to Carol Herman. Yearbook: Please send any changes in phone numbers or addresses to Ann Frick for next year’s yearbook. Membership: Ann Frick announced that there will be some changes to the new membership orientation. Jon Bennett will give tours. Next meeting: The next meeting will be on June 12, 2007 at Hillcrest Country Club. We would like a minimum of 40 people to attend. Cost is $20 per person. Connie and Kathleen are meeting with the Country Club this week.

Meeting adjourned. Submitted by Andra Sudler, Acting Secretary

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