Monday, May 07, 2007


The Administrative Board meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. on May 1, 2007 at Five Seasons Country Club.In attendance were Andra Sudler, Shirley Lewis, Ann Frick, Sandy Kurker, Jane Quinn and Lisa Weedman.

No treasurers’ reports due to no treasurers attending.

Pink slips – 2 slips presented. One was for a young woman attending prom and needing accessories, graduation pictures and other expenses and needing assistance with those expenses. She is starting IUPUI in the fall and is currently working. This was for $150.

The second pink slip was from Garrard House for a total of $1,400 - $1,000 for Holiday World Trip and possible camping trip. The other $400 was for their house fund to be used for “flowers and back yard items.” This was approved pending more details on the back yard items. Request for more details has been submitted to Janice Klein and awaiting her response. (Response from Lisa Myers, Garrard House program director, on May 8, 2007: The girls have been working to clear out the gardens in front and back and will plant flowers/trees and add lawn ornaments to perk up the appearance. They are also requesting items they can use to suntan such as lawn chairs, and we are looking into a sprinkler that they can use to play in. Lisa and the girls also talked about hanging plants on the back porch.)

Fashion Show – only at about ½ reservations from last year. Currently at 185 and last year it was over 300. There are 40 booths for Bloomin’ Boutiques which is also down a bit from last year. There were several questions about models and when they need to be where. Andra also needs workers on Tuesday at noon.

If interested in attending Fashion show, get your RSVPs in before this weekend!!

75th Anniversary has a meeting scheduled next week.

Ann Frick provided an update on the Reviewing Committee’s overhaul of the by-laws and will be sending these out. Voting on the changes will take place at the May general meeting.

Ann also shared that we have a potential new member, Deborah Farrar. Deborah is sending her membership application.

The Spring Group Home outing has been rescheduled to Sunday, June 24 and Terre Haute will not be joining us due to the fact most residents go home on the weekends. It will be from noon – 1:30 at the Ft. Ben Harrison YMCA. Volunteers need to be there at 11:45.

Jane Quinn shared they painted aprons at the Courage Center and she submitted her year end report. She was also presented with a thank you gift from President for her handling of the Fall Group home outing (a little late since we’ve been passing each other and not connecting for awhile!).

Sandy shared the Evans House boys have recently played laser tag and were scheduling a dinner (either Mexican or Italian food). The Evans house appreciated the left-overs from the recent Staff Appreciation luncheon.

Shirley shared that her committee has one more activity planned at Family Support Center and are also are participating in painting aprons for the Dave Thomas fund raiser.

With no other new business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Pahud by Lisa Weedman

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