Tuesday, March 20, 2007


CHILDREN’S BUREAU AUXILIARY MINUTES OF THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING MARCH 20, 2007Those present: Kathleen McGrath, Sue McClure, Carol Herman, Jane Quinn, Ione DeBolt, Jennifer Bakx, Andra Sudler, Connie Odekirk, Rosie Houff, Ann Frick, Shirley Lewis, Sandy Kurker, Mary Ferree, Mary Ann Pahud and sustainers Marilyn Creedon and Jo Meyer.

Ann Frick, acting president in Lisa Weedman’s absence, called the meeting to order at 7:00.

SECRETARY Secretary Mary Ann Pahud read the minutes from the last meeting. Kathleen McGrath submitted corrections via e-mail prior to the meeting. The minutes and corrections were approved.

TREASURER Treasurer Kathleen McGrath gave the treasurer’s report. We have $17,495.68 in the checking account. Kathleen also reported on the Rosie Lanham Memorial Fund. When Rosie died we received $9000 in her memory; with additional contributions and interest, the fund has grown to $28,000. The fund is kept in a 3 month CD earning minimal interest. Our bank is offering a short-term opportunity. If we move this money into a Business Money Market account and add $10,000 new money (from our checking account), we will earn 5% interest for 6 months. Kathleen explained that we can withdraw the $10,000 immediately or at any time once the account is opened; the purpose is to earn more interest. Carol Herman moved and Andra Sudler seconded that we accept Kathleen’s proposal. The motion carried.

The cartridge recycle program has earned $49.75 since last fall.

PINK SLIPS Ann presented two pink slips for approval. #1. Client needs $100 for her gas company deposit. Rosie Houff moved and Sue Lewis seconded that we approve this pink slip. The motion carried. #2. Client is requesting $200 ($150 for underwear to replace items lost in a fire and $50 for automobile gasoline so she can drive to look for a job). Sue McClure moved and Jane Quinn seconded that we approve this pink slip. The motion carried. 75th ANNIVERSARY Jennifer Bakx gave a Power Point presentation on the history of the Auxiliary during the 1950s and ‘60s. It was very informative and most entertaining.

FASHION SHOW Andra Sudler reported on the progress of the Fashion Show. Letters have been sent requesting donations for auction items. Boutique flyers are ready for members to put up at work, in church, and any other place where ladies might see them. The lunch will be a salad, dessert, etc. Since there were errors on the invitations, they are being reprinted. Andra asked for small ‘sample’ size items to put in the shopping bags for boutique shoppers.

BUREAU ASSISTANCE Shirley Lewis reported that her committee meets the second Saturday of the month for an activity at the Family Support Center. They had sixteen children this month, and they painted aprons for the Dave Thomas fundraiser.

COURAGE CENTER Jane Quinn stated that the children at Courage Center also will be working on the Dave Thomas aprons. Her committee meets the third Monday of the month for an activity with the children. The Angel Fund money was designated for Courage Center, and so far the staff has purchased new bedspreads, shower curtains, and toy boxes.

EVANS HOUSE Sandy Kurker reported that her committee took the boys rock climbing and for ice cream.

GARRARD HOUSE Ione DeBolt reported that ten girls had toured the Morris Butler home and had gone to tea.

An employee of Garrard House is having some financial difficulties because her disability income has run out. Carol Herman was inquiring if there was something the Auxiliary could do to help this individual. Ann Frick will investigate this situation and report back next meeting.

NEW BUSINESS The Group Home outing is scheduled for mid-June. Kathleen suggested that we look into the YMCA at Fort Harrison. An organization can rent the facility for $100. They have basketball, swimming, etc. The YMCA staff will lead activities, furnishes paper goods and does clean up. Andra Sudler and Mary Ann Pahud will assist with plans for the summer outing.

Nominations for the Mallon Award are due. Please send to Marilyn Pecsok or Ann Frick.

Placement forms were distributed, and they are due by the next meeting to Ann Frick.

The Reviewing Committee will be meeting the first or second week of April.

Anyone with direct contact or service to any client of CBI must have a fingerprint background check and TB test. This applies to the auxiliary members and will become effective September 1, 2007.

Service hours are due to Michelle Mallon by June 1.

End of the year reports are due in quadruplicate (four).

NOMINATING COMMITTEE Mary Ann Pahud, chair, reported the following nominees for 2007-08 officers: President: Ann Frick Vice President: Sandy Kurker (with the understanding that she is not president-elect) Secretary: Andra Sudler Administrative Treasurer: Kathleen McGrath Direct Service Treasurer: Pam West There being no nominations from the floor, the slate was accepted as presented.

The next meeting will be April 17 at North United Methodist Church at 38th & Meridian. Board meeting is at 9:30, Membership meeting at 10:30, and lunch honoring the CBI Staff and past presidents is at 11:30.

Many thanks to Mary Ferree for offering her home and gracious hospitality in hosting our meeting this month.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:25.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Pahud Secretary

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