Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Childrens Bureau Auxiliary Executive Board Meeting January 9, 2007 Glendale LibraryAttendees: Lisa Weedman, Kathleen McGrath, Shirley Lewis, Sandy Kurker, Ann Frick, Andra Sudler, Sue McClure

The board met at the Glendale Library at 10:00 a.m. We had a speaker, Mary Kay Hood, the volunteer director at Hendricks Regional Health. She has done a study on generations and their demographic impact in today’s world. Handouts were given to those in attendance and a discussion as to how the various generations work and volunteer in today’s setting. It was an interesting discussion and will help us focus on how to hopefully recruit new members and retain the ones we have. The discussion lasted an hour and a half.

At 11:30 a.m., the board conducted the following business: Pink Slips: The board voted to present the following pink slips to the membership for approval. $52.00 for grades to come from the Barbara Melchert fund $500.00 for tuition re-imbursement for an employee The following will come from client assistance $182.25 for cosmetology license renewal $32.50 for an apartment repair $200.00 for rent $87.00 for electric bill Rosie Lanham Fund $500.00 to NACS for cleaning supplies Treasurer’s Report Kathleen stated that there is $28, 146.44 in a cd for the Rosie Lanham fund, and $1000 in the checking acct. There is a CD maturing in Feb. and she will change it into a shorter term. A copy of her report will be attached to the minutes.

Angel Fund: A net profit of $11,991.62 is what we currently have. A total of 155 angels have been sold.

Fashion Show: Andra has called Coldwater Creek for confirmation that they have gained approval for the fashion show, the manager said she had not heard anything, will get back to her. The committee is also asking for articles of clothing and pictures from each decade of the auxiliary’s existence to put on display at the luncheon. A paper will be passed around at the meeting next week. The letters and registration forms are being mailed this week.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon Andra Sudler

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