Wednesday, February 28, 2007


CHILDREN’S BUREAU AUXILIARY MINUTES OF THE BOARD MEETING February 20, 2007Those present: Sandy Kurker, Shirley Lewis, Kathleen McGrath, Sue McClure, Marie Miller, Mary Ann Pahud, Andra Sudler.

Andra Sudler, acting president in Lisa Weedman’s absence, called the meeting to order at 9:45.

Treasurer: Kathleen McGrath reported that a $9000 thirteen month CD had matured, and she was going to turn it into a 3 mo. CD in order to have additional monies available, if needed.

Pink Slips: The Board approved the one Pink Slip for $60 for grades at Evans House.

Hostess Committee: It was agreed that perhaps we should notify the membership of the next meeting by phone call as well as e-mail. The personal touch might increase attendance or give some indication why attendance is down.

Membership: The Board discussed ways to increase membership. Some ideas included restructuring the number of meetings and the time of meetings, inviting groups of women who are already friends to join as a group, appointing a committee to study the situation and come to the Board with a recommendation. It was even suggested that we disband at the 75th Anniversary celebration.

Elaine Grant and Chris Kupke are scheduled to contact the new members and make a personal invitation to attend the next meeting.

There being no additional business, the Board meeting adjourned at 10:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ann Pahud Secretary

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