Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Children’s Bureau Auxiliary Meeting April 15, 2008 North United Methodist ChurchGeneral Meeting: 11:00am CBI Staff Appreciation Luncheon: 11:30am

Attendees: Judy Beaty, Ann Frick, Rosie Houff, Chris Kupke, Sandy Kurker, Shirley Lewis, Melissa Mates, Sue McClure, Kathleen McGrath, Karen Miller, Mary Kate Myers, Jane Quinn, Vicki Snider

Guest: Wendy Johnson (CBI Vice President/Volunteer Resources)

President Ann Frick opened the meeting at 11:00am.

Minutes: March 18th general meeting minutes were approved as e-mailed.

Administrative Treasurer’s Report: Kathleen McGrath Disbursements in March included postage for the Fashion Show mailing, rental of North United Methodist Church for today’s luncheon, clerical supplies, and vendor letters and postage for Blooming Boutiques. Deposits included recycle proceeds, capital campaign donation, and dues. Balance on hand in checking as of 3/31/08: $19, 664.84.

Direct Service Treasurer’s Report: Kathleen McGrath Grade incentive program will be awarding $5.00 for each A, $4.00 for each B, and $2 for each C to students at the group homes.

Pink Slips: $84.00 for grade incentive money at Garrard House $150 for client’s power bill $365.65 for car impoundment bill $60 for GED fee

All four were accepted/approved.

A discussion was held regarding potential surgery for an Evans House resident. Discussion centered on using the Rosie Lanham Fund to pay for half the cost of the surgery which is estimated to be $4600- $5000 (half being approximately $2500) for the breast reduction surgery, if the procedure is proven to be medically approved. The membership voted to pay for half of the surgery if funds can be found by Evans House to pay for the other half; program director Chris Gendron has made a request to the Dawn Project for the other half of the needed amount. The Auxiliary’s share will come out of the Rosie Lanham Something Special Fund, which currently has $47,634.41.

Wendy Johnson, CBI Vice President/Volunteer Resources: Wendy gave a short presentation informing us of the latest news at CBI: 1. “Spirit of Sport” on April 16. There will be 32 teams of 4 in the event. 2. “Golf Tournament” Monday, June 16 at the Fort Golf Course. Different sponsor levels are available, and they need teams and/or donations. The tournament will begin between 11am & 12pm. 3. “Capital Campaign” continues. $3 million is still needed. Wendy announced that the ground breaking for the new Family Support Center building will be in July. 4. She reported a new development with PROJECT SAFE PLACE. CBI and IndyGo Bus have signed an agreement and all buses in Marion County will now show the SAFE PLACE sign and become Safe Place sites. There will be a public announcement event on April 21 at the Family Support Center. The Village Pantry situation is in a holding pattern at this time. 5. CBI public relations has a huge campaign in the works for “Don’t leave kids in the car.” 6. CBI needs volunteer help: Therapeutic Foster Care needs help on April 19th with “Spring Fling Carnival,” “Celebrity Cook-off” needs Apron Team volunteers, and the need for assistance with filing is ongoing. They have received a large donation of baby items in Noblesville and need volunteers for sorting on Sunday, April 27th, 1-4pm; lunch will be provided. 7. Jane Quinn has organized a group of volunteers to help with filing at Family Place on April 26th.

Committee Reports Fashion Show, Luncheon, and Blooming Boutiques: Vicki Snider, Mary Kate Meyers Fashion show and luncheon plans are in place. Some room arrangement changes have been made from last year. There will be a portable bar this year with individual sale of wine, mixed drinks, soft drinks, etc. Raffle area will be relocated to help with congestion/noise; it will still be accessible all around the area. Air walls will be open to help improve lighting. Color theme is black and white with red flowers. One hundred reservations have been received so far, with many more expected and needed in the coming days. “Blooming Boutiques” will have 42-44 vendors this year. Coldwater Creek is ready for models and are setting up times for trying on clothes. Mrs. Indiana United Nations will be one of the models. Advertising signs, flyers, etc. are going up, and Coldwater Creek will be inserting flyers in the shopping bags soon. Numerous publications with advertisements are ongoing. The committee is requesting we “Get our reservations in!” Volunteers are needed the day before the event to help with setup and the day of the event to sell raffle tickets, greet people and help with clean-up. Kathleen reported that they have 21+ baskets from members in addition to 11 raffle baskets from vendors. The baskets range in value from $50 to $200.

Nominations for 2008-2009

Slate of officers: President: Ann Frick Vice President and President elect: Jane Quinn Secretary: Karen Miller Administrative Treasurer: Kathleen McGrath Direct Service Treasurer: Pam West

Slate for Nominating Committee: Sandy Kurker –Chair/Associate Jennifer Bakx –Associate Amy Longoria -Associate Deborah Farrar -Active Anne McDaniel -Active Shelly Shartzer -Active Sue Roper –Alternate Ann Frick –Alternate

The slate for officers and the slate for the nominating committee were approved.

It was requested all members complete/send placement forms to Beverly Hanna.

The meeting was then shortened out of necessity to finish setup/serving/attendance at the CBI Staff Appreciation Luncheon following this general meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am.

CBI Staff Appreciation Luncheon

CBI Staff Appreciation luncheon immediately followed the meeting; 75-80 people were served.

CBA President Ann Frick recognized and thanked all staff of CBI for their hard work and commitment to at-risk children and their families.

Angel Fund Chair Sue McClure presented the Angel Fund check for $7572.00 to CBI President/CEO Ron Carpenter with the funds to be used for the Vivian Smith program and for Client Assistance.

Vicki Snider and Mary Kate Myers gave a brief presentation about the May 7th Fashion Show and Luncheon and Blooming Boutiques.

The event ended at approximately 12:30 pm.

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